Brazilian leaders tour ancient Shiloh

Political mission of governors and congressmen from various states in Brazil tours Binyamin in Samaria, sees sites of ancient Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Brazilian delegation visits Shiloh
Brazilian delegation visits Shiloh
Binyamin Regional Council spokesperson

A political mission of governors and congressmen from various states in Brazil came for a geopolitical tour In Binyamin, the largest Regional Council in Israel, located north to Jerusalem in the Southern hills of Samaria.

Among the participants where Everaldo Dias Pereira, President of the Brazilian Christian party and his wife Mrs. Ester Batista da Silva Pereira, Governor of the state of Amazonas Mr. Wilson Lima, Mr. Claudio Castro, Vice President of the state of Rio De Janeiro, accompanied by a senator from the state Para and a congressman from the state of Rio De Janeiro.

The visit started in the Ancient Capital of Israel, Shiloh, where the participants toured the historical site and held a special prayer for the people of Binyamin in the place of the Tabernacle. They then met with Dr. Scott Stripling who is responsible of the current archaeological excavations in Shiloh. An especially exciting moment occurred during the presentation of Dr. Striping of unique findings from the last week, when suddenly one of the diggers nearby found a 2000 year old coin from the Hasmonean period. The participants where extremely moved and left Shiloh feeling uplifted.

“I was very much impressed by the faith of the women who go to Shiloh, until the present day, to pray for babies. When I just arrived I thought of a close friend of mine who is trying for some years,to have a baby”, said Analine Castro, 37, the wife of Rio’s Vice President.

“From Hana’s miracle we learn that G-d listens to our prayers much more when we ask for others. When we put aside our selfishness and we prioritize the collective good”. said Pastor Everaldo, the president of the Brazilian Christian Party

The second part of the visit took place in the Psagot Boutique Winery, where the delegation met with Yisrael Gantz, the new head of the Binyamin Regional Council.

Gantz told the delegation that "a major part of the Biblical history took place in the Binyamin region, and almost every hill has antiquities from ancient times. Our role is to bring back and revive healthy and happy lives in these hills."

The Governor of Amazonas asked Gantz what his main focus and goals were as a leader of the regional council. Gantz replied that the education of the next generation is the most important thing, together with significantly improving local infrastructure in order to make daily life easier and bring more people to live in the region.

As Brazil deals with severe personal security issues of residents, the governor of Amazonas and the rest of the participants said that they where very impressed to hear about the qualification of emergency volunteer teams in the communities of Binyamin and especially about the unique application which was developed in order to provide immediate response in case of emergencies. The governor of Amazonas requested to stay in touch promote shared interests and especially improving personal security of the civilians.

The visit ended with warm hugs and the head of the Christian Brazilian party saying in Hebrew that "He loves Binyamin, loves Shiloh and will be back again next year".