Lapid: Netanyahu wants to be a dictator like Erdogan

Blue and White MK Yair Lapid compares Netanyahu to Turkey's Erdogan, accuses him of trying to become 'dictator'.

David Rosenberg ,

Flash 90

MK Yair Lapid excoriated Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Monday, accusing Netanyahu of attempting to become a “dictator” and comparing him to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Speaking at a meeting of the Blue and White party, Lapid blasted Netanyahu’s effort to build support for an amendment to Israel’s Immunity Law, with the aim of extending immunity automatically to all sitting lawmakers. The bill, which was to have been taken up during the 21st Knesset, has been pushed off, following Netanyahu’s failure to form a new government and a decision to dissolve the current Knesset.

“We have been given a second chance,” said Lapid. “For all the wrong reasons, the right thing has happened. Netanyahu tried to form a government of extortion and extremism to keep him out prison. He failed. He wanted to be a dictator like Erdogan, he failed. The country told him, “enough. You’ve gone too far. We don’t work for you.”

“We have a second chance. It doesn’t happen often in life. A second chance to form a national unity government led by Benny Gantz, which will first bring calm. Which will wake up in the morning and get to work.”

Lapid went on to warn that if the Likud were to win the elections scheduled for September, Israeli democracy will be lost.

“We have to win these elections. If we don’t then we won’t have a democracy. The fate of our children depends on it.”

“During the election campaign they said we didn’t have a knife between our teeth. We don’t have a knife between our teeth, we’ve got an entire cutlery set. We don’t lie and don’t defame, but we got 35 seats and that’s no accident. We are determined. We know how to work hard. We’re going to give the fight of our lives.”