Tear gas for every bus driver

Histadrut, workers' committees decide to supply bus drivers with tear gas after they pass a briefing on how to use it.

Orli Harari,

tear gas
tear gas

The heads of the Histadrut, together with workers committees of the public transportation companies, decided to equip bus drivers with tear gas as a first step in efforts to eradicate violence against drivers.

Further steps are expected to ensure the safety of drivers and, consequently, to protect the safety of passengers.

The Union of Transport Workers in the Histadrut and the drivers’ committee of the Dan public transportation company held a protest rally at the central bus station in Petah Tikva Monday morning, following a violent incident that took place a few days ago in the city, during which a 64 year old driver for the company was attacked by a man who got on the bus.

As stated, the Histadrut made a decision according to which in the first stage, public transportation drivers will be equipped with tear gas. The Histadrut and the workers committees will ask the management of the public transportation companies to brief their drivers on how to operate the tear gas legally. The Union of Transport Workers in the Histadrut represents about 7,500 public transportation drivers of the Egged, Dan, Metropoline and Metronit companies.

Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David said, "We will not stand aside when workers are attacked violently during their workday. On the shoulders of drivers of public transportation, there is a heavy responsibility for the safety of hundreds of thousands of passengers every day, and it is inconceivable that instead of concentrating on their work, drivers are concerned about their safety and security. We are constantly examining ways to protect the drivers, but it is the duty of all relevant parties to cooperate in eliminating the grave phenomenon."

Avi Edri, chairman of the Union of Transport Workers, said: "The Histadrut and the workers' committees will act decisively to denounce the severe phenomenon of violence against drivers in public transportation. Equipping drivers with tear gas is an initial step, but we will take additional measures to maintain the safety of drivers. Already in the near future I will consult with entrepreneurs in the market regarding the protection of drivers. The Histadrut will make an effort to implement measures to protect drivers and even participates in their funding, but at the same time we hope that the Ministry of Transportation will also contribute to this important issue, both through legislation and by financing the protection of drivers."