Smotrich to other right-wing parties: Don't run

National Union leader addresses calls for alliance of right-wing parties, ruling out placing Shaked at head of such an alliance.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

MK Bezalel Somotrich (National Union) slammed Sunday the attempts by members of the Zehut and New Right parties to run in the upcoming Knesset elections.

"If they had stayed in the Jewish Home, we would have had an excellent right-wing government even without Liberman," Smotrich said. "You have to understand that politics is not a start-up, it's not a question of how someone returns to political life, but how to maximize the seats to the right of Netanyahu."

"There must be one party to the right of the Likud. Right now there is one: the United Right. Anyone who has taken a heavy price from us must sit at home and do self-reckoning and not run again and endanger the seats.

As for the possibilities of the various political parties on the right uniting, Smotrich said: "Even the connections have a limit. A union of five parties will not succeed in functioning in the future. Woe if anyone threatens to run just so he is taken into the alliance."

Smotrich also slammed calls to place Ayelet Shaked at the head of such an alliance. "Ayelet Shaked wants to return, but where does the desire to be number 1 come from? You have shattered, you have made a mistake, as a result of which the entire right-wing camp has become a whirlwind. The entire State of Israel has been affected," Smotrich said. "I do not think there is a reason in the world that she will be number 1. I would like to see as many connections as possible in order to maximize the power, and to examine everything in a practical way, who brings seats and who causes seats to be lost. Whoever stays outside needs to stay at home and not run alone and waste votes."