Watch: Israel Air Force and elite 'Egoz' unit in Cyprus

IAF forces and commando unit take part in special join Cypriot military for special training exercise featuring remotely piloted aircraft.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

IDF units train in Cyprus
IDF units train in Cyprus
IDF spokesperson

This week marked the end of an international joint training exercise in Cyprus which had included the IDF’s elite Unit 621, also known as the “Egoz” unit, and units from the Israel Air Force.

The training exercise marks the latest sign of growing ties between the Israeli and Cypriot militaries. This week’s exercise is the fourth joint training operation carried out by the two countries’ militaries.

During the training operation, air force units from both countries conducted basic practice exercises, along with troop transport operations, as well as training for search and rescue missions, aimed at locating and retrieving downed pilots during a combat situation in hostile territory while facing advanced threats.

As part of the exercises, Israeli units operating in Cyprus used remotely piloted aircraft for the first time outside of Israeli territory.

The IDF’s elite Unite 621, the “Egoz” unit, trained for a wide variety of possible situations including anti-terror operations, including combat situations in both urban and rural areas.

One of the scenarios featured in the Egoz unit’s training in Cyprus revolved around a mock night operation in southern Lebanon involving dozens of soldiers.