What kind of government do Israelis really want?

Yochanan Plesner estimates that most voters in Israel are interested in a secular right-wing government.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 6:40 PM

Binyamin Netanyahu speaks with Yaakov Litzman
Binyamin Netanyahu speaks with Yaakov Litzman
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Yohanan Plesner, the president of the Israel Democracy Institute, thinks that “the bloc of the right-wing and religious is not as homogeneous as one would have imagined.”

“What we’re seeing is that there is a strong, significant group of secular Israelis who self-identify themselves as right-wing. They want a right-wing government, but they do not want a government that allows the haredim to call the shots in the entire realm of a religion and state and the domestic agenda,” he said.