Will Jewish Home forgo pre-election primaries?

Jewish Home secretariat considering change to party constitution to allow party to run with same list as last election, without primaries.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rabbi Peretz
Rabbi Peretz
Esti Dzubov/TPS

On Wednesday, the party secretariat of the Jewish Home party met for an emergency discussion in the Knesset amidst the political turmoil and the prospect of new elections.

At the end of the conference it was decided that the secretariat would recommend to the party's central committee to issue a temporary order to preserve the status of the list as it was in the last elections in April.

As of today, the party constitution states that if elections are to be held, primaries must be held to determine the list. Should the party adopt the secretariat's decision it will not hold primaries if a coalition cannot be formed today and new elections are announced.

Earlier, Jewish Home chairman Rabbi Peretz asked the members of the secretariat of the Jewish Home not to make changes to the party constitution that will enable Justice Minister Aleyet Shaked to rejoin the Jewish Home after she and Education Minister Naftali Bennett left the party to form the New Right party in December.

According to the existing constitution, a person running within the party must be a member of the Jewish Home for 18 months preceding the election.

Rabbi Peretz, who knows that Ayelet Shaked is very popular among voters, made it clear to the members of the secretariat that he did not intend to make a move that would allow her to return to the party.