Managing a digital agency in Israel

I'm going to share with you how a digital agency is conducted, plus how a day in the life of a digital agency CEO goes.

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Quantum technology

In the following article, I'm going to share with you how a digital agency is conducted, plus how a day in the life of a digital agency CEO goes.

Also, what is happening in the local digital market in Israel? I'll also share some information about our customers and projects and what the challenges are that we deal with.

It's going to be exciting!

What's happening in Israel – in what direction does the local digital market go?

There is a severe and steady increase in the digital transaction market; more and more advertisers are entering the internet media, more and more digital marketers are flooding the industry, more and more websites are being built—there has been almost a 100% increase in internet transactions over the last few years.

1. Automation tools

A comprehensive study showed that about 70% of the internet users reported a direct link between automated technologies and customer satisfaction and a decrease in negative feedback from customers. It reduces dependence on human resources by about 65%. Automated solutions will save a long time of back-office management.

2. Personalization and big data

These days, as a digital marketer, you can’t post the same message to everyone in the same platform at the same time. The data given by platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other marketing platforms enable digital marketing to be personal and match the message, place, and time to the end user.

3. Digital is comparable to the TV

This year, the digital market closes the gap in front of the television, and we will not be surprised if it is already over within the current year. Digital advertising will reach 50% of the global advertising pie by 2020.

4. Increased multi-channel activity

Omnichannel commerce is based on an approach whereby consumers must meet a variety of points within and outside the internet. The user experiences a journey and reaches the online space from various end devices. Research shows that about 85% of consumers start buying on one device and end via a second.

How does a day in a digital agency CEO’s life look?

One of the most important things is to come passionate to your work, it’s stating with serving your customers and expects to have the same level of service from your suppliers and employees. Invite you to take a look about my job responsibility as a CEO of Omnis Digital Agency:

  • Reviewing and following up on projects and customer statuses, checking the tasks that need to be done today, whether the sprint progresses according to the plan, whether there are tasks that have passed and require immediate attention.
  • Reviewing the status of leads—which leads were inserted today to our CRM and require a reference from a salesperson, the status of leads for which a quote has been sent already, and what is missing for new customers to close a deal with us.
  • Supporting and managing communication with customers and employees and managing phone call and e-mail communications with customers, employees, and suppliers to promote the agency projects.
  • Collection tracking—taking care of the money.
  • Thinking about new strategies and how the agency’s products can be marketed better.
  • Sales meetings—helping sales managers with technical aspects and addressing customers' pains.