Burglars break into Lod synagogue

Police inform worshipers that investigation was closed. In response to Arutz Sheva's inquiry they make clear that investigation is ongoing.

Nitsan Keidar ,


Worshipers at the national religious synagogue in the Neve Nof neighborhood in Lod arrived for shacharit (morning) prayers two weeks ago, and discovered that someone had tried to break into the ark and steal Torah scrolls.

Doron Meltzer, one of the worshipers, told Arutz Sheva, "We entered the synagogue and saw that they tried to break into the ark and managed to reach the outside part of it. They were able to tear out mostly the chains that were on the Torah scrolls."

In addition, he said, "The charity boxes, which we put aside on Shabbat, were completely emptied."

Meltzer noted that the burglars did not leave disorder, "which apparently means that they are professional burglars."

The synagogue's gabbais (sextons) filed a complaint with the police immediately after the conclusion of Shabbat, noting that a security camera films the location of the robbery and is located at a nearby school that only the police could approach. To the surprise of the gabbais, they discovered that the investigation file had been closed.

"We received a letter at the end of the week that the file had been closed. We went to the police and asked if they had checked the security cameras and the police told us that they were sending someone to check them soon. In retrospect, we found out that they told us this after the case had already been closed," said Meltzer, who even wrote a Facebook post that raised doubts about the police's conduct and the speed with which it closed the case.

Arutz Sheva contacted the police for a comment and received the following response, “Immediately after the incident, the police opened an investigation that is still under way. An inquiry revealed that the investigation file was not closed. The Israel Police will continue to investigate the case and carry out all the necessary investigative activities in order to arrive at the truth.”