Watch: Undercover cops catch illegal PA residents

Security forces arrest 9 Arabs in Israel illegally despite their use of a fake police car to fool Border Police, attempt to flee on foot.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

the seized vehicle
the seized vehicle
Police spokesperson

Border Police undercover forces and Southern District police arrested nine Palestinian Arabs, illegal residents, who were traveling in two vehicles in the southern Tel Arad area.

During the operation, the forces identified a commercial vehicle traveling at high speed. In an attempt to stop the vehicle, and in light of the driver's refusal to stop, the forces used special means and spikes on which the vehicle continued, endangering the lives of road users.

During the chase, five suspects tried to escape from the vehicle. The suspects were arrested after a chase on foot.

After the arrest, it turned out that the driver was also an illegal resident, the vehicle had duplicate license plates, and a vehicle in the front of the vehicle, which flashed red and blue lights, was supposed to fool the security forces and simulate a police car. When the police searched the vehicle, they found merchandise that included toys apparently intended for sale.

In another activity, a private vehicle was found traveling quickly and raised the suspicion of soldiers. After a police chase and roadblocks, the vehicle was stopped by soldiers who found four Arabs, illegal residents, including a Palestinian Authority resident who drove the car illegally.

In total, nine illegal residents from the Hevron area were arrested and taken for interrogation.