Iran threatens, should we be concerned?

The Iranian regime continues to threaten and clash with the American administration, but the effects are felt in the Middle East.

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Iranian-made Emad missile
Iranian-made Emad missile

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon bring back Dr. Stephen Bryen, former Reagan era Pentagon official, military technology expert and Asia Times columnist to address Iran’s capabilities in the current standoff with the Trump Administration in the Persian Gulf and Middle East.

Iran has leveraged proxies in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Gaza by transferring missile and drone technology to engage in asymmetrical warfare against US assets and allies as pushback for imposition of severe economic sanctions.

Bryen noted that Iran cannot stand toe to toe with the vast power of the US military. He is concerned about the offer of a Russian S-400 system to Iraq. In his opinion, that would threaten air operations out of the strategic al-Asad air base with 5,200 US troops in Anbar province and Israeli F-35s flying missions in adjacent Syria.