The Saudi journalist's advice to the PA

Journalist from Saudi Arabia accuses PA of missing another opportunity by boycotting US-led economic conference in Bahrain.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Mahmoud Abbas
Mahmoud Abbas

Saudi Arabian journalist Muhammad al-Sheikh wrote two days ago in his Twitter account his "advice" to the Palestinian Authority in light of their invitation to an economic workshop in Bahrain as part of the Trump Administration's 'Deal of the Century.'

"You missed a lot of opportunities from 1948 to the annexation of Jerusalem, and excelled only in hatred, insults, curses and blame others for neglecting your cause. The workshop in Bahrain - take advantage of it, and you will be a little satisfied, because you have no other card to play," al- Sheikh wrote.

The tweet generated a heated debate and received over a thousand responses and 280 retweets. Respondents were divided between supporters and opponents who argued that the interests of the Arab nations had reduced the popularity of the "Palestinian problem."