23-year-old Jewish woman found dead in Moscow

Police suspect murder after young Jewish woman found dead.

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Cnaan Lipshitz/JTA ,


A 23-year-old Jewish woman from Moscow was killed in what police are treating as a murder.

Irina Tsipisheva, known also as Rivka, went missing on May 15, a day after returning from a trip organized by the local Chabad Jewish community, the news website Jewish.ru reported Wednesday.

The report did not say whether police suspect that the crime was connected to the activity of the victim within the Jewish community, where she was a member of the Yachad youth group.

Violent hate crimes against Jews are extremely rare in Russia.

According to the report, she and a friend hitched a ride that day. The driver dropped off the friend and Tsipisheva stayed in the car. Her body was found the next day, bearing signs of violence. She was buried Monday in Moscow.

The driver was arrested in neighboring Belarus. Police regard him as the primary suspect in Tsipisheva’s alleged murder.