Australia: Van carrying yeshiva students goes up in flames

Torah scroll rescued from burning van after vehicle goes up in flames while carrying yeshiva students.

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Burning van (stock image)
Burning van (stock image)

A van carrying a group of yeshiva students in Australia caught on fire en route to Melbourne earlier this week, Yeshiva World News reported.

The incident occurred on the South Gippsland Highway, as a group of yeshiva students were being driven back to Melbourne Saturday night, following a Shabbat out at a campsite in Fosters Victoria.

While driving down the highway last Saturday night, the van struck a gas can which had been left out on the highway.

The collision with the full gas can sparked a fire in the van’s engine, one of the yeshiva students noticed. The student brought the fire to the attention of one of the yeshiva staff members, who was driving at the time.

The van pulled over, and the passengers ran out of the vehicle to safety as the fire spread rapidly, torching the van.

The Torah scroll, prayer books, holy books, and the other luggage was pulled from the blaze, thanks in part to the help of an off-duty firefighter who happened to be driving by when the fire broke out. The firefighter made a U-turn and rushed to the aid of the yeshiva students, extinguishing the blaze and preventing the luggage in the back of the van from being torched.