'Thanks to me, there's one less weapon in Judea and Samaria'

Three soldiers serving in Judea/Samaria and dealing daily with Arab terror tell with satisfaction of saving lives.

Mordechai Sones ,

At the moment of truth there's no time to procrastinate
At the moment of truth there's no time to procrastinate
IDF Spokesman

IDF forward observers on Friday reported an Arab approaching the fence in the Jalameh crossing area of ​​the Menashe Region.

Fighters were scrambled to the scene and captured the suspect. A shotgun was found in his bag.

"As soon as I got the indication, I directed observation devices to the area and managed to keep contact with the suspect," says Corporal Eden Jan, an observer from the Jalameh War Room.

"I directed the force to the suspect and they managed to close the circle and catch him," she says proudly. "Sappers were summoned to the scene and opened the suspect's bag and found a shotgun.

"I know that because of me there's one less weapon in Judea and Samaria; that was the greatest event in my service," Jan testified.

Another soldier in the Judea and Samaria area, Sergeant D of the 90th Battalion of the Kfir Brigade, told Arutz Sheva how he neutralized a terrorist who attempted to carry out an attack in Samaria near Shechem.

D identified an Arab vehicle speeding toward the hitchhiking station that he secured. When the vehicle approached the post, D fired and neutralized the terrorist, thus saving Jews standing by. The fighter received a certificate of excellence for this action from Kfir Brigade Commander Col. Zion Tzerzon.

Another female soldier we met, Sergeant Hagar Ovadia, is a medic in the Ephraim Regional Brigade.

As a brigade paramedic, Ovadia confronts challenging situations every day when she is required to provide optimal medical treatment and save lives.

At the beginning of her job, Ovadia arrived at a multi-casualty car accident. This was the first time she understood the meaning of every second counting in the struggle to save lives. "In the moment of truth - there's no time to procrastinate. Just giving everything to save lives," she concludes.