Attorney Michal Rosenbaum: Yair Netanyahu didn't intervene

Attorney Michal Rosenbaum rejects reports PM's son foiled her candidacy for State Comptroller report, claiming it not to be the case.

Mordechai Sones ,

Yair Netanyahu
Yair Netanyahu
Flash 90

In light of reports that the candidacy of Attorney Michal Rosenbaum for position of State Comptroller was retracted at the last minute under the influence of the son of Prime Minister, Yair Netanyahu, Rosenbaum explained that nothing of the sort has happened.

At first she spoke of the decision not to apply. "In recent days I received a series of inquiries that quickly became a broad initiative by Knesset Members from several factions to appoint me as the next State Comptroller. I did consider this matter seriously, but last night I reached the conclusion that this time I won't run for the important job. I thank all those who approached me and reserve the right to take on a national mission of this kind in the future."

Later she rejected rumors about intervention by Yair Netanyahu. "I'm also aware of the rumors about Yair Netanyahu's alleged intervention, and it's the first time I've experienced this preoccupation. I don't know Yair Netanyahu, I never met him, and I want to tell you with certainty that it doesn't exist, they're just attributing to him intervention based on a half-rumor.

"I think we're performing the right process, and I totally respect the Prime Minister's decision, who seriously and responsibly weighed the appointment, and I believe the choice of Matanyahu Engelman is an excellent choice of a very worthy man, and I go happily back to my law firm."

Last night, about 20 minutes before the end of the deadline for the candidacy of the State Comptroller, the coalition withdrew its support from Attorney Rosenbaum for position of State comptroller and decided to promote the candidacy of accountant Matanyahu Engelman.

According to activist and journalist Eldad Yaniv, the reason for the change stems from the fact that it was exposed on Twitter that Rosenbaum is his girlfriend.