Watch: Arab avocado thieves caught red-handed

Israeli police catch four Arab thieves red-handed with load of avocados stolen from the kibbutz they work in.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Stolen avocados
Stolen avocados
Police spokesperson

Four Israeli Arabs and Palestinian Authority residents employed at a kibbutz were arrested after Israeli police caught them with a load of avocados stolen from the factory where they are employed.

The four fruit thieves made off with about half a ton of avocados which were stolen from the kibbutz – only to be caught shortly after driving off from the scene of the crime.

Police units waiting to nab the thieves apprehended the four suspects after they drove off with the half ton of avocados in their vehicle.

Authorities say one of the suspects is an Israeli Arab, the rest are Palestinian Authority residents from the Jenin district legally employed by the kibbutz.