Christian Zionist leader:
UAE Crown Prince wants to visit Jerusalem

Christian Zionist leader tells i24NEWS UAE Crown Prince wants to visit Jerusalem, says 'astonishing things' about Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

United Arab Emirates flag
United Arab Emirates flag

i24 News interviewed Christian Zionist journalist and author, Dr. Mike Evans, who said that the United Arab Emirates Crown Prince wants to visit Israel/

Dr. Evans also said "Israeli Prime Minster Binyamin Netanyahu stepped up to the plate for him" when former US President Barack Obama refused to take out an Iranian ship with missiles heading toward Saudi Arabia.

Asked why Gulf leaders seem to be more open to Israel today, Evans said Netanyahu's "anti-terror technology for peace" was partly responsible, adding that Bin Salman is saying "astonishing things about Israel."

Dr Evans praised both US President Donald Trump and Netanyahu, saying: "You have two leaders now that never existed in Israel's history; Netanyahu and Trump. No prime minister has ever had this relationship with an American president."

Dr. Evans also accused the Palestinian Authority of being an "Islamic mafia" that is "robbing and raping the Palestinian people."