'Our newborn will not live in her murdered sister's shadow'

Mother of Adelle Biton, the toddler who was murdered in a stone-throwing attack, speaks out after birth of child on Adelle's birthday.

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Avda Biton
Avda Biton
Eliran Aharon

Adva Biton, the mother of Adelle, who was murdered in a stone-throwing attack in Samaria, said that her newborn child who was born on Adelle's birthday will not live in the shadow of her murdered older sister.

"The new baby has her place, her presence, her place, her mission. She cannot feel that she lives in the shadow of her sister," Biton said in an interview with Kan 11.

She added, "Adelle came here and gave a light here, she moved and connected hearts, of course I would rather it did not end in tragedy, but the way of God is hidden ... It is no coincidence, the fact that she was born on Adelle's date is not accidental. We don't ask questions about faith, we just say thanks."

She was asked at what stage during the new baby's life she would know the story of her sister who was murdered in a stone-throwing attack. "We will share in the stage that she will get over and understand, we will spare her nothing and she will be a full partner," said Adva.

"It happened only last night and we did not even know the gender of the newborn and we were surprised," she said.

Adelle was the family's fourth child. After her injury, Adva Biton gave birth to the family's first boy in 2014, and to another son in 2016. The new baby is Adelle's first younger sister.

In 2013, a fist-sized rock hurled by an Arab terrorist struck 2-year-old Adelle, a healthy, normally-developing toddler, in the head causing severe neurological damage and mortally wounding her. After remaining comatose for months, Adelle regained consciousness but continued fighting for her life.

Even after Adelle was well enough to return home, she remained severely disabled, only able to respond to certain stimuli and capable of some movement and continuously in and out of the hospital. In February 2015, four-year-old Adelle passed away from pneumonia.

The five Palestinian Authority (PA) terrorists, who were teenagers at the time of the attack, received terror salaries from PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and just 15 years behind bars.