MK Elkin: Immunity Law is a necessary amendment

MK Zeev Elkin speaks about the current coalition negotiations and Knesset issues in an interview on the Knesset Channel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Jerusalem mayoral candidate Zeev Elkin
Jerusalem mayoral candidate Zeev Elkin
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MK Zeev Elkin (Likud) discussed a number of current issues related to the Knesset at an interview on the Knesset Channel on Sunday, including the revocation of the limitation on the number of ministers in the Knesset, the attempt to reenact the Immunity Law and coalition negotiations.

Elkin said that the revocation of the restriction of the number of ministers (to 18) makes sense in light of the reality that the government must be formed with coalition partners, and that all Israeli governments numbered more than 18 ministers, apart from Netanyahu's first.

Elkin also stated that he disagrees with Gideon Sa'ar and believes that the restoration of the old Immunity Law is a necessary amendment because the new Immunity Law is a dead letter, as he put it.

Elkin admitted that there are difficulties in forming the new government. On the possibility of establishing a minority government that relies on 60 Knesset members without Yisrael Beiteinu, he said, "I don't really believe in the possibility of forming a government of 60. Will we succeed in forming a government? I hope so - that would be the logical and desired outcome."

"Will it definitely happen? I'm not sure, because if people continue to behave unreasonably, they'll stay in the treetops where they climbed during the negotiations with demands that contradict the demands of the others."

Elkin warned of the possibility of going back to elections. "The general situation is such that there's definitely a danger that the country will get caught up in something delusional - a repeat of elections with another six months of paralysis and insane expenses when everyone understands that it will more or less lead to the same results. This delusional thing has never happened in the State of Israel, but if people don't start to be more logical, it could happen for the first time."