Boston Chabad: Don't be scared of the dark - light a candle

Rabbi whose Chabad center lit on fire twice in past week: 'Our approach is to have open doors. We don't run away from this stuff.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Galei Tzahal spoke with Boston Chabad Rabbi Avi Bukiet, whose Chabad center was lit on fire twice in the past week.

"We're personally ok, but we've been rattled, it's a bit unsettling, I've been up unable to sleep for the past few nights but, Baruch Hashem, the Arlington Police have somebody parked here day and night until this matter comes to a close."

"I grew up in Boston and I always had my doors wide open, I never imagined that this would come here. It has been a complete shock to us and the community.

He said he could not see "any other explanation" for the arson except that they were hate crimes.

"The fact that we've been targeted because we have the sign of Beit Chabad - I understand why the police are reserved in [calling the arson hate crimes] because they need to find evidence or the culprit so they can get a confession, so they are not legally allowed to say that it's a hate crime. But in their heart of hearts they know what this is, and this is the second time in one week that [this has happened]. It seems like all signs point [in that direction]."

Asked if he considered leaving Boston, he said "Absolutely not. It's Motsei Shabbat and I had just talked about leaving until police finish the investigation, but my wife turned to me and said, 'Avi, let's stay, let's invite the community to our home.' I will tell you the entire day, the community just came in droves, coming to show their love and support. Our approach is to have open doors, and we don't run away from this stuff. That's the right attitude."

"This is what it's all about. One mitzvah leads to another and we need to tell everybody, we gotta keep doing good. A little light repels a lot of darkness, that was the Rebbe's theme to the entire world. Don't be scared of the darkness, just light a candle, and that will ultimately push away any darkness that was there."