The Diamond in the Trash: The Hunt for the Ring

Sanitation workers find engagement, wedding rings accidentally thrown out at Jerusalem cafe.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

The hunt for the ring
The hunt for the ring
Photo: Shimon Shmuel, Department of Sanitation

Bat Sheva, a Jerusalem resident, accidentally threw her engagement ring and wedding ring into the trash can in a city cafe.

The employees of the Jerusalem municipality enlisted to help recover the loss while searching for tons of garbage - and found them at the end of a complex operation.

In an interview with Channel 12 News, Bat Sheva said: "I was sitting in a cafe in Rehavia, Jerusalem, and at one point I went to wash my hands, took off the rings, and put them on the tray."

Bat Sheva noticed that the rings were missing only three to four hours later, when she had already gone home. "I called my husband and then I ran back to the cafe, and the salesman went out with me to the garbage can and tried to help, but the green dumpsters were empty."

"I'm a person who believes in the Holy One, blessed be He, and I was very calm. I had full hope of finding them," she said.

She called the municipality and there they referred her to the relevant garbage truck. They poured the 10 tons of trash that were on the truck. "There was a mountain of garbage 20 meters high," said the manager of the Jerusalem Municipality's container unit. "Finding the rings would actually be a 'needle in haystack'."

Workers at the municipal sanitation unit found the rings after 15 minutes of searching. "The Holy One, blessed be He, made a miracle here, he is everywhere," Menashe said from the municipality. "Apparently this is a righteous woman."