Smotrich: We'll make sure government is genuinely right-wing

National Union leader says coalition negotiations affected by 'disagreements' on issues of religion and land of Israel

Yehonatan Gottleib ,

Flash 90

National Union leader Bezalel Smotrich arrived Wednesday to speak at a 'Bnei Yehuda Keshet" workshop initiated by the Institute of State Theory in cooperation with Lifshitz College.

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, MK Smotrich said, "There is no doubt that the ability to bring out writers who translate the Torah and the Beit Midrash [study hall] into contemporary language will make it accessible to the general public and will succeed in [spreading knowledge]."

"We will come from the Torah and out of the study hall," Smotrich added. "The Almighty looked at the Torah and created the world. We shape our whole worldview from the Torah. We understand that what is happening today is a living performance of Torah. That is the meaning of the beginning of the flowering of our redemption, and therefore the Torah is that which should illuminate the dark."

"This requires us first of all to understand that we need to explain to ourselves the worldviews of the Torah and how they apply to current life in the State of Israel. After this inner clarification we can then explain it outward.

Smotrich defended the United Right's conduct in the coalition negotiations. "Given the nature of the negotiations, I can't discuss all the details. We are moving ahead alongside the Likud in a good atmosphere, but on the other hand there are also quite a few disagreements, mainly on fundamental issues that concern the Land of Israel and religion and the State of Israel. We insist on things because we believe they are important and correct."

"We have one goal: to make sure that the right-wing government that is formed will not be a right-wing government in name only, but in content and substance," he said.