Manipulation for the media

Expert on Poland-Israel relations: Polish ambassador took advantage of a small argument to advance Polish propaganda, 'hit the Jews again.'

Shimon Cohen ,

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki
Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

Arik Lederman, a 65-year-old Herzliya resident, spat at the Polish ambassador, Marek Magierowski, without knowing that the person in front of him was the ambassador. Lederman said one of the embassy guards called him a “Zydek,” a derogatory Polish term for a Jew.

The Magistrate's Court released him to house arrest yesterday, Wednesday, at noon. Arutz Sheva spoke with Meir Bulka, chairman of the JNERATIONS organization for the preservation of the heritage of European Jewry.

“There was manipulation for the media here,” Bulka said. "This was a regrettable case of a quarrel between two people, but I read the minutes of the court and see that the defendant arrived at the embassy and asked to find out something about his family property and felt uncomfortable with the appellations that were said to him.

"They called him a word that translates as 'a collaborating Jew'. He took it hard, leaves the embassy angry, and sees a vehicle blocking him, and then an argument develops like a lot of arguments do every day in Tel Aviv. "

At this point, Bulka said, "The ambassador took out a camera and took a picture of him. The ambassador is a former journalist and therefore understood that he had a story in his hand."

In Bulka's view, this is an attempt to stir up the atmosphere against the backdrop of the cancellation of the Israeli delegation's visit to Poland for a discussion of Jewish property that has not yet been restored. "A day ago there was a matter of the delegation that was canceled, so here we can hit the Jews again - that’s what this is about."

"In contrast to the previous ambassadors, there is an ambassador here who understands the media and studied the Israeli media, he learned Hebrew and published articles here in the press. He wrote in an article that the Germans murdered the Jewish inhabitants of Warsaw and the Poles together. That is a complete lie. There was a Jewish ghetto, and in the other part of the city, life went on as normal while in the ghetto they liquidated Jews and sent them to Auschwitz. That is a manipulation that journalists buy. "

According to Bulka, the ambassador is in constant contact with journalists and holds briefings with them. "He operates the business as the envoy of Polish propaganda. Why journalists don’t check or investigate, I don’t know. I have dozens of examples pointing to media tactics."

Among other things, Bulka notes that the Israeli media refers to one of the Polish propaganda emissaries, who receives a payment of 15,000 euros from the government there for his activities here, as if he were an expert on Poland, even though he is the public relations man of Poland, as Bulka called him. "That doesn’t bring the other side, but one side only.”

"I follow every tweet of this ambassador. There are half truths and lies there, and no one is doing anything. He should learn to lie somewhere else."

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