Good neighbors

Residents of Efrat called almost every day to give medical treatment to Arabs who arrive at the front gate of the Gush Etzion town.

Hezki Baruch ,

Good neighbors
Good neighbors
Efrat Spokesperson

Abba Richman and Elisheva Itel, MDA volunteers who are residents of Efrat, were called today, Wednesday, to the gate of the community to take care of an Arab girl who fell in her yard and injured her face.

The girl's parents brought her to Efrat to receive medical treatment, but the head of the council says that Efrat residents help the Arabs in the area who need medical attention almost every day .

"Almost every day it happens, almost always it goes untold," said council head Oded Revivi. "In the framework of the relations with the surrounding villages, they know that Efrat has volunteers in Magen David Adom and even an emergency room where only six months ago, resident doctors saved the life of a Palestinian.”

"This time the treatment was given immediately at the gate and from there the girl was referred to a hospital. We believe that from such small actions we will be able to build a life side by side one another," Revivi concluded.