Netanyahu decries 'impossible' coalition demands

PM says parties demanding positions for all of their MKs, programs that would require a budget the size of America's.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu took part in a ceremony marking the centenary of the death of Aaron Aaronsohn, head of the Nili spy ring, and referred to the coalition talks and the fact that no agreement has been signed with any of the potential coalition partners.

Netanyahu said that coalition negotiations are "a mission that seems absurd" and that he "prefers to be here more than in the coalition negotiations, and all the factions demand demands that clash with each other."

"One faction asked for four positions for each of its four MKs. The budgetary requests are reasonable, if we had a budget like the US. We don't have that, and we can't collapse Israel's economy," he stressed.

Channel 12 reported that the prime minister and his associates have informed several Knesset members that they will fight with all their might over legislation that would grant immunity to Netanyahu and prevent him from being prosecuted.

"The citizens of Israel deserve a full-time prime minister," Netanyahu said in one of the briefings. ""After I finish my job I will deal with the trial. The citizens of Israel knew what my situation was and chose me. If I thought about my personal good, I would submit to the trial when I was prime minister and not as a private citizen, but I understand that this is not in the best interest of the state."