NASA releases first image of Beresheet crash site

Image shows dark spot about 10 meters wide said to be where Israeli spacecraft crashed onto moon's surface last month.

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Site of crash
Site of crash

US space agency NASA on Wednesday published a first image it said shows the crash site of Israeli spacecraft Beresheet.

The photo, in black and white, reveals a dark spot about 10 meters wide where the spacecraft hit the moon.

NASA also published a photo of the site before the crash for comparative purposes.

Last month, Beresheet was minutes away from making Israel the fourth country to successfully land on the moon when contact was lost with the spacecraft and it crashed onto the moon's surface.

Despite the successful seven-week journey of the spacecraft up to that point, the venture was considered a partial failure due to the crash landing, and Beresheet's primary funder and SpaceIL President Morris Kahn has since said that work would immediately commence on "Beresheet 2."

Credit: NASA