New campaign: Cancel the Disengagement Law

The expellees of Homesh and Sa-Nur and the Samaria Regional Council, aren't giving up on the annulment of the Disengagement Law.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

The former residents of Homesh and Sa-Nur in northern Samaria - towns evacuated in the 2005 Disengagement plan - and members of the Samaria Regional Council, aren't giving up on the annulment of the Disengagement Law.

The largest campaign ever to be held on the annulment of the Disengagement Law will begin on Sunday, led by the head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, a former resident of Sa-Nur himself. The goal of the campaign is to create public pressure to unite the right-wing parties and senior Likud figures for the introduction of a law annulling the Disengagement Law as part of the government's basic guidelines and a vital condition for it.

The Union of Right-Wing Parties (URP) brought the demand to coalition negotiations, but those evicted from Homesh and Sa-Nur want to make sure that the demand is accepted.

As part of the campaign, a red sign will be displayed, similar to the red signs at the entrance to Areas A in Judea and Samaria, bearing the words: "The area in front of you is an area under full Israeli control. Entrance to Jews is prohibited." The purpose is to illustrate to the public the absurdity of territory that remains under Israeli control but which is forbidden for entrance for Jews only. This is what happened in the communities of Homesh, Sa-Nur, Ganim and Kadim that were evacuated during the disengagement.

The campaign will also include an appeal to the ministers and the right-wing parties to cancel the Disengagement Law and the absurdity inherent in it. The campaign will include ads, political activity, meetings and large public rallies with thousands of participants.

"There is no better time to rectify this injustice once and for all," Yossi Dagan said. "We now have the most nationalistic government that has ever existed in Israel, a government that does not have one member willing to say that the disengagement was not a mistake. This government should abolish the Disengagement Law in northern Samaria, and there is no reason why this issue should not be included in the government's guidelines. This government was elected on this agenda and must implement this agenda."

"The settlements that were uprooted during the disengagement in northern Samaria: Ganim, Kadim, Homesh and Sa-Nur remained under full Israeli control, unlike Gush Katif, but because of the Disengagement Law, Israelis are forbidden to enter the area," Dagan elaborated. "Those evicted from Homesh and Sa-Nur and the Samaria Regional Council want to restore freedom of movement for Israelis in the area. This bill was raised in the previous Knesset and the one before it, and it will also be submitted to this Knesset - this time in order to pass."