Breaking the Silence uses Eurovision to bash Israel

Extreme organization Breaking the Silence posts signs calling on Eurovision tourists to take part in their propaganda tours in Hevron.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Breaking the Silence tour in Hevron (archive)
Breaking the Silence tour in Hevron (archive)
Aviv Haretz/TPS

Members of the extreme leftist organization "Breaking the Silence" are also taking advantage of the Eurovision Song Contest to create provocations against the State of Israel and the Israeli government.

As part of this, members of the organization hung huge signs in Tel Aviv calling on tourists arriving in Israel to participate in the organization's tour of Hevron.

"We have to dare to dream about freedom - even from the occupation ... It is our duty as Israelis and former soldiers to show how we invite the celebrants of the Eurovision Song Contest to celebrate at night and to open their eyes on the day," the Breaking the Silence Facebook page says.

"The slogan of the Eurovision Song Contest is Dare to Dream, and an hour from Tel Aviv millions of Palestinians under military rule dream of freedom from the occupation. This is the sign that we hung this morning at Ayalon, inviting the thousands of tourists who come here to see Eurovision," added the organization.

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan responded to the signs on Twitter and wrote, "The contemptible hate organization Breaking the Silence once again finds time to spread lies against the State of Israel."

"Here is advice: instead of inciting against the pioneering residents in the city of the patriarchs, take the tourists for a tour of the terrible human rights violations of the Hamas regime in Gaza, or a tour of impressions with the Palestinian Authority, which insists on financing terrorists and praising abominable murderers."