'Netanyahu has abandoned the south'

Blue and White MK Ofer Shelah slams PM Netanyahu for failing to exert force in Gaza, working with 'extremist' coalition partners.

Hezki Baruch ,

Ofer Shelah
Ofer Shelah
Hadas Parush, Flash 90

Blue and White MK Ofer Shelah slammed Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the Immunity Law, which will prevent a sitting prime minister from being indicted.

The law, if passed, would not help Netanyahu, since Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has already decided to indict him.

At a Shabbatarbut (political and cultural forums that take place on the Sabbath) event in the central city of Rishon Lezion, Shelah said, "Netanyahu acts as if the results of the election are proof that the nation allows everything. He sees nothing as unworthy in his attempt to avoid being brought to justice."

"We will fight this with every parliamentary tool, but we won't just use those: This fight will include both the Knesset and the street, and it will reach the courts as well.

"In the coalition, and in the Likud itself, there are a lot of honest people, who know what is at stake. They also know that Netanyahu doesn't care about them, and will give power to extremist coalition partners, who in turn will provide him with immunity. I call on them to act according to their conscience - at any rate, they have nothing to lose.

Regarding the recent rocket attacks on southern Israel, Shelah said, "Netanyahu is weak when it comes to exerting force, and he's afraid of a change in the situation. Almost five years have passed since Operation Protective Edge, and he refuses to do what's necessary in order to change the situation in a real way."

"He needs to stand in front of the residents of the south and tell them straight out that he's abandoning them on purpose, in order to excuse his lack of action or in order to support Hamas [in its argument with] the Palestinian Authority. Those are the only two explanations for his lack of action. And I don't know which of them is worse."