Watch: Oklahoma man opens friend's door - is bitten by snake

Oklahoma man approaches his friend's door, unaware that a snake is wrapped around the lamp above the front door.

Orly Harari,

Venomous snake
Venomous snake

A doorbell camera filmed a snake biting a man who was visiting a friend in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Gerald Haywood approached his friend's front door, unaware that a snake was wrapped around the lamp above the door.

When Heywood opened the screen door, the snake pounced and bit Heywood on the face. Heywood ran screaming inside the house and his friend brought him to the hospital. Fortunately, the snake was not poisonous.

"I didn't need stitches, thank God. I'm on antibiotics," Heywood later said.

The snake itself was killed by a neighbor who heard the screams and came running with a hammer.