Israel recognizes PA resident as victim of terror

Defense Ministry recognizes PA resident killed by Hamas rocket in Ashkelon as terror victim, to provide compensation to family.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

rocket attack on Ashkelon (archive)
rocket attack on Ashkelon (archive)
Hezki Baruch

The Defense Ministry decided Wednesday to recognize Mahmud Abu Asbah, a Palestinian Authority resident, as a victim of hostile acts, Channel 12 News reported.

Asbah, 48, was a resident of the village of Halhul near Hevron. He was killed by a Hamas rocket which struck the city of Ashkelon six month ago while he was working inside Israel on a legal permit.

As a result of the decision, his family will be compensated by the Defense Ministry and will receive a monthly stipend of over ten thousand shekels.

Attorney Mohammed Rahal, who represented the family in the lawsuit, said that they "welcome the decision of the Defense Ministry."

"Unfortunately, there have been quite a few cases of this kind in recent times, in which recognition and compensation must be granted immediately," Rahal said. "It is clear that no compensation in the world which will heal this wound."