Building up a town on Gaza border despite rocket attacks

The Settlement Division continues to build in Kerem Shalom, a joint community for secular and religious families.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

News building arrive in Kerem Shalom.
News building arrive in Kerem Shalom.
Credit: Public relations

The Settlement Division is currently working with full force to set up new structures in Kerem Shalom for about ten new families that are expected to move there this summer.

The Division took Kerem Shalom as a project and defined it as a community entitled to a full package of tools including social and community development, bringing new families in groups for settlement, developing infrastructure, bringing buildings, paving roads and access roads and economic assistance. It also provides advice and economic solutions to the residents in the creation of new jobs in the community and its surroundings.

Last summer, about 13 new families joined the community and a few months ago a synagogue and a Torah scroll were dedicated.

Kerem Shalom is an example of a joint settlement for both secular and religious people that combine work, learning and family life together, while each family maintains its own cultural and religious background.

Gal Greenwald, head of the Settlement Division of the World Zionist Organization, says that "in difficult times for the state of Israel, we're delighted to strengthen settlement, specifically in the communities surrounding the Gaza envelope. We were privileged to bring ten buildings today which will absorb ten families this summer."

"I am happy to cooperate with the Eshkol Regional Council, the Kerem Shalom settlement and the settlement movement, all of which have motivated the community to a renewed growth," added Greenwald.