Islamic Jihad's threatening video

Islamic Jihad publishes threat, video clip shows terrorists loading explosives onto rockets.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Islamic Jihad operatives in Gaza
Islamic Jihad operatives in Gaza
Flash 90

The Islamic Jihad terror organization on Saturday published a new video clip threatening Israel. In the video, the terror group warns that strategic sites around Israel are on their list of targets.

The video shows Islamic Jihad terrorists loading rockets onto launchers and arming them with explosives. Immediately afterwards, the video shows the Dimona nuclear research facility, Ben Gurion International Airport, Haifa refineries, and the words, "The circle of fire turns round and round."

Earlier on Saturday, the organization threatened to target the Eurovision song contest.

"Israel is not Europe," the organization wrote in its previous video, after showing an El Al plane make its way to Israel. The video also shows the date of the contest's first semi-final.