Anti-Semitic graffiti near Zurich synagogue

On the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic graffiti found spray-painted in Zurich.

Chana Roberts ,

Definition of anti-Semitism
Definition of anti-Semitism

Anti-Israel graffiti was sprayed Wednesday on the wall of El Al's office in Zurich, as well as near a synagogue and yeshiva in the city, Kan reported.

Wednesday night marked the beginning of Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day, which continued through Thursday.

The red spray paint read "Freiheit fur Palastina!" or "Freedom for Palestine!" and was flanked by two hammer and sickle symbols.

Other graffiti included racial slurs against Jews.

The Kan tweet, which featured only a photo of the "Freiheit fur Palastina" graffiti, mistranslated the message as "Go back to Palestine." Commenters pointed out the error, but it has not yet been fixed.