'No such thing as adequate compensation for Holocaust survivors'

Vice president of the Claims Conference in Israel says compensation and aid given to Holocaust survivors can never be enough.

Eliran Aharon , | updated: 11:59 PM

Shlomo Gur
Shlomo Gur
Eliran Aharon

The vice president of the Claims Conference in Israel, Shlomo Gur, described to Arutz Sheva the hard work he undertakes with the German and Austrian governments on compensation for thousands of Holocaust survivors.

According to him, "adequate compensation for Holocaust survivors is impossible, it can not exist because the suffering they have suffered is an inferno. There is no way to compensate for it financially, so what can be done is a small measure of justice or kindness, in the symbolic sense, whether it is a monthly benefit or a one-time compensation."

Gur was asked about the harsh conditions faced by elderly Holocaust survivors in the State of Israel. "We are working to prevent the survivors from dealing with bureaucracy, and we must say - to the state's credit - that there is a significant improvement in the situation both in the amounts given and in the expansion of the factors or communities or countries in which the survivors are entitled to receive the compensation. Is it enough? In my opinion, as an Israeli citizen, this is never enough and will never be enough."

When asked what motivated him to work for Holocaust survivors, he replies, "I am the second generation from the Holocaust. My parents passed through the inferno and in 1948 immigrated to Israel. My task is to close the circle."