March of the Living:
'The best response to anti-Semitism is to embrace Judaism'

Pittsburgh rabbi speaks ahead of March of the Living to young Jewish leaders, says 'embracing Jewish life' key to fighting anti-Semites.

Yoni Kempinski, Poland ,

Rabbi Dr. Danny Schiff
Rabbi Dr. Danny Schiff
Yossi Zeliger

Rabbi Dr. Danny Schiff, Foundation Scholar at the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, addressed the March of the Living "Emerging Leadership" conference in Krakow, Poland.

"Some people say that anti-Semitism is on the rise, but perhaps it never really went away. In truth, it's just emerging back into the light. Some say that Pittsburgh will go down in history as one of the many cities in which Jews were killed for being Jews. But the story is not so simple," he said.

"It is true - there is rising anti-Semitism. But it is also true that there are those who want to embrace us and support us, to hold us up and help us rebuild. The Jewish people does not dwell alone, we have friends who want to offer their support. So if we are serious about combating anti-Semitism, let us choose our allies and work together. Let's not pretend that we are by ourselves.

"Additionally, we must acknowledge that the best response to anti-Semitism is to embrace our Judaism ever so fervently and deliberately. Embracing Jewish life is the best way to frustrate the well-laid plans of anti-Semites. Every one of you can undermine their plans by committing to become the finest Jews imaginable."