Haredi youths rescued in Golan Heights wilderness

Group of youths on off-road tour rescued by police near Mount Susita after losing their way as darkness fell. 3 suffered dehydration.

Michal Levi ,

Car of the youths
Car of the youths
Police Spokesperson

Haredi youths from Beit Shemesh were rescued Monday night from Mount Susita on the slopes of the Golan Heights after losing their way. Three of them suffered dehydration.

The private trip of a group of friends came to the north with vehicles with which they entered the rough terrain and, after a few hours, lost their way as darkness fell.

The boys were stuck in the area for about 5 hours before contacting the ‘100’ police hotline. Israeli police, community police, Border Police and volunteers began searches by foot and with an off-road vehicle though the hilly and difficult terrain.

After hours of searching, police managed to locate the group south of Mount Susita, with three of them found to be suffering from dehydration.

The team gave the boys first aid and brought them safely for continued medical treatment.