Danon: NYT must be accountable for anti-Semitic cartoon

Israel's UN ambassador: Those who engage in anti-Semitism must be punished.

Ben Ariel,

Danny Danon
Danny Danon
Flash 90

Israel's UN ambassador, Danny Danon, on Monday demanded that The New York Times hold accountable those responsible for publishing an anti-Semitic cartoon that was published last week, AFP reports.

The cartoon, which appeared in the newspaper’s international edition on Thursday, depicted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as a guide dog wearing a Star of David collar and leading a blind US President Donald Trump who was wearing a kippah.

Danon, speaking to reporters ahead of a Security Council meeting on the Middle East, said the cartoon "could have been taken from the pages of Der Sturmer, the Nazi propaganda paper, and yet these actions have gone unpunished."

"Those who engage in anti-Semitism must be punished, whether it's here at the UN, political leaders, editors, policy pundits or college professors," added Danon.

The cartoon was widely condemned and, on Saturday, The New York Times published an apology on its Twitter account, describing the cartoon as having "included anti-Semitic tropes".

A day later, on Sunday, the newspaper said that the anti-Semitic cartoon was the work of a single editor who was working “without adequate oversight”.