Attorney General: 'No persecution, no trumped-up cases'

AG refers to Prime Minister' cases, adheres to claim that there are those trying to delegitimize law enforcement apparatus.

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

Attorney General Avihai Mandelblit addressed the Prime Minister's cases this evening at an event of the Northern District Attorney's Office in Nazaret Illit.

"There's no bias here, neither favoring one side nor the other; there's no persecution here, and certainly there is no trumping-up of cases. All the arguments are nonsense and intended to de-legitimize the law enforcement apparatus," Mandelblit said.

He added, "The decision I made two months ago that I'm considering filing an indictment against the Prime Minister for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust offenses in respect of the findings from the three investigation files where he was interrogated as a suspect, is based solely on the evidence and the provisions of the law.

"This is the way we act - according to the law and the evidence. When the law and evidence indicated no basis for investigating the Prime Minister as a suspect, he wasn't interrogated as a suspect. In the investigation files where the Prime Minister was interrogated as a suspect, it was found that the evidence indicated a reasonable possibility of conviction according to the law. I decided I intend to consider filing an indictment, subject to a hearing. The decisions were professional and practical.

"I see great importance in the existence of the hearing procedure. Already at this stage one can say an important thing: The investigations conducted in the Prime Minister's case and the decision-making process conducted so far are a testament to the supreme status of the principle of the rule of law in the Israeli legal system, at the heart of which stands the demand for equality of all in the face of the law. No one is above the law. This principle is invaluable and is required to prevent any damage or erosion."