People with ADHD eat less healthily

People with ADHD tend to eat 'whatever they see around,' new study says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Healthy food (illustrative)
Healthy food (illustrative)

A new study shows that people who suffer from ADHD have worse eating habits, Israel Hayom reported.

The study, conducted by researchers from Hebrew University, showed that ADHD patients "are not organized and take whatever they see around, which is usually less healthy." As a result, their eating habits are less healthy and they tend to reach for less healthy foods placed in attractive locations in stores.

"When we advertised a healthy sandwich in the cafeteria, placed it at eye level, and put a sign emphasizing its low price and how health it was, they bought and ate it more than on days it wasn't advertised," explained Shirley Hershko, who conducted the research together with Dr. Yehuda Pollak.

Israel Hayom noted that the series of four studies conducted by Hebrew University's School of Education showed that people with ADHD know as much as the rest of the population about healthy food and healthy eating habits, but when it comes time to eat they choose less healthy and more processed foods.

The research was presented to the 7th World Congress on ADHD and declared an outstanding research. It was also presented at a recent conference held by the Israeli Association of Learning Disabilities Experts at Bar Ilan University.