Deputy Health Minister Litzman: 'Health above all'

'We will insist on the health clauses no less than religious clauses,' Litzman's supporters say.

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Chaim Lev ,

Coalition negotiations between UTJ and Likud.
Coalition negotiations between UTJ and Likud.
Credit: Chesky Baruch

During coalition negotiations between the Likud and United Torah Judaism (UTJ) representatives, Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman submitted a list of demands for improving the health system.

Among other requests, Litzman is demanding to increase the budget for medications by NIS 250 million a year and to set a NIS 750 million yearly budget for the Health Ministry.

Litzman, who will continue to serve as deputy health minister, demands an increase in the number of hospital beds per capita and NIS 1 billion for public hospitals. UTJ wants to receive half the money from the State budget and the other half should be financed by raising the health tax by half a percent.

"We will insist on the health clauses no less than religious clauses," Litzman's supporters said. "Litzman can choose almost any other portfolio he wishes but is choosing to continue with the Health Ministry out of a sense of mission to the general public. We expect all parties to support Litzman's health requirements."

"All those who complained before the elections about the state of the health system, that won't leave Litzman alone, should show support for those who are sick. As far as we're concerned, health is above all, and we're not talking about sectoral demands," the deputy health minister's supporters said.