Chabad of Kenya:
'Suddenly - light in my eyes, blows, confusion'

Rabbi Shmuel Notik, Chabad emissary in Nairobi, recounts tense moments he and his wife experienced during violent robbery of their home.

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Violent robbery at home of Chabad emissaries
Violent robbery at home of Chabad emissaries

Rabbi Shmuel Notik, Chabad emissary in Nairobi, Kenya, on Wednesday evening recounted the violent robbery he and his wife Chaya experienced in their home.

The two were attacked by five unknown persons. "Suddenly I got a flashlight in the eyes, blows, beating, confusion. Within a few seconds I realized that I was in the midst of a violent robbery," Notik said.

He added, "I am tied on the floor and do not know what is happening with my wife and the children upstairs. I try to tell the robbers that I will give them all the money, but they would not agree. They went upstairs and at that point I heard terrible screams. Miraculously, after I realized they were leaving, I managed to free myself from the cables and run upstairs, and find my wife injured. The children slept in their beds.”

"We ran to check how the young men who came to help us on Passover were, and they were also bound. They robbed the Chabad House of holy books, documents, passports and other important things," concluded Rabbi Notik.

Earlier, Shmuel's brother, Moshe, described the violent robbery during which property worth tens of thousands of dollars was stolen.

“The gang of burglars broke into the Chabad house after they had managed to overpower the local guards,” Moshe Notik said.”

“The burglars found two yeshiva students at the Chabad house, and bound their arms and legs and gagged them with cloth.”

Moshe said that despite the violent attacks on his brother and sister-in-law, the burglars did not attack the couple’s three children.

“They began to beat the rabbi’s wife, Chaya, with clubs. She woke up from sleep and started to scream, so the burglars beat her until she was bloodied up. They also threatened to kill her while making anti-Semitic references. ‘If you keep resisting, your life will be ended,’ they said. ‘Where is the money?’”

The burglars also tied up Rabbi Notik, Moshe added.

“They bound his arms and legs and tried to get money from him. During the burglary, they stole computers, cellular phones, phylacteries, jewelry, money, a Hanukkah menorah, candle holders, Kiddush cups, food, and things from the kitchen. They also trashed the house.”

After the robbers left the house, the Notiks and their three children closed themselves in the bathroom, where they remained until police came.

“They’re in a state of shock,” continued Moshe Notik. “As far as they can tell, the burglary was motivated by anti-Semitism. They estimated that the total losses incurred total in the tens of thousands of dollars.”

Rabbi Shmuel Notik recounting the incident (Hebrew):