Terror victim's widow: Limited demolition is no deterrence

Widow of Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger slams security establishment for destroying only a wall from home of her husband's murderer.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Tamar Ettinger and her son at Rabbi Achiad Ettinger's funeral.
Tamar Ettinger and her son at Rabbi Achiad Ettinger's funeral.
Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

Tamar Ettinger, the widow of Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger, criticized the manner in which the house of the terrorist who murdered her husband in the attack at the Ariel junction was destroyed.

"There is no significant step here in demolishing a wall, not even a room, in a terrorist's house," Ettinger said in an interview with Kan News Wednesday.

Overnight, the IDF demolished the home of Omar Abu Leila and his family in the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Zawiya, west of Ariel, in Samaria.

During the seven-hour demolition operation, residents clashed with Israeli forces, hurling stones at the IDF soldiers.

Ettinger's widow, Tamar, thanked the IDF soldiers in an interview with TPS earlier.

“We very much appreciate and laud the IDF soldiers and security forces who risked themselves to go out and demolish the home of the terrorist who murdered my husband, Ahiad, and the soldier Gal Keidan.”

But Ettinger added that the demolition itself was insufficient, and that the terrorist’s family should be expelled as a deterrent to future attacks.

“That being said, we call on the Israeli government to change its policy and to understand that these are not lone wolf attacks – it is an enemy who is attacking us and trying to wipe us out, with a whole system of education directed towards that purpose! Therefore, our response must be appropriate.”

“Anyone who cannot live here with us peacefully – he and his family have no place here! We call on the prime minister and the security establishment to work towards the immediate expulsion of the terrorist’s family, and to expel every family who raises up a murderer. That is the real path to deterrence.”