Egyptian Journalist:
'Terror will end only when Muslims stop trying to restore past'

'Only way is for Muslims to accept past was comprised of good and bad, make peace with fact that there's no need to restore past. It's gone'

Mordechai Sones,

Burning van, Anyplace
Burning van, Anyplace

Ibrahim Issa last week discussed Islamic terrorism in a monologue on his talk show, which is aired on the American Al-Hurra TV. The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports that Issa said ISIS, Al-Qaeda, terror, and extremism will only come to an end if Muslims get rid of the “black triangle”.

This “black triangle”, described by Issa, is comprised of three edges. The first edge is “the undisputed belief, held by Muslims in general, that their past was a dream come true, an age of angels and glory.”

The second edge is the belief held by “most Muslims” that this golden age must be restored.

The third edge is the belief held by “some Muslims” that this past must be restored even at the price of “violence, coercion, cruelty, brutality, swords, and bombs.”

He concluded by saying that the only way to get rid of this triangle is for the Muslims to accept that the past was comprised of both good and bad and to make peace with the fact that “there is no need to restore that past. It is gone.”

“We must live our lives in our times and in our world, according to our renewed understanding of religion,” he said.