Smotrich: They warned me against taking Justice Ministry

MK Smotrich seeks the Justice Ministry despite warnings he'll be targeted with investigations. 'I don't want to think it's true.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Chairman Smotrich
Chairman Smotrich
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MK Betzalel Smotrich of the United Right party, who is eyeing the Justice Ministry, is not afraid of a fabricated case against him in order to prevent him from receiving the position.

In an interview with Oded Ben Ami (6 O'Clock News) on Channel 12 News, Smotrich said, "I have an orderly plan that will balance the relationship between the Knesset, the government and the legal system. It will make Israel a much better place for everyone. Each and every one of us pays the price of judicial activism."

Smotrich intends to pass the Override Clause and to cancel the "cause for reasonableness" for elected officials. "I have a few constructs that I want to lay down in the foundations of the court in order to strengthen it and reinforce its position. Trust in the judicial system is at an unprecedented low according to all public surveys and studies."

The Attorney General's Office and the State Attorney's Office also need to be amended. "Our goal is to create a better relationship between the Knesset and the government, elected officials and the legal system."

Smotrich responded to statements by law enforcement and justice officials that he shouldn't be appointed as justice minister or minister of internal security. "None of us wants to think that this is true. Do you think that a prime minister will change his mind due to threats that one decision or another will affect the work of the investigating authorities? It's unacceptable."

"They warned me not to take the justice portfolio - lest a case be made against me," Smotrich said, adding that he's not afraid.