Police deployed throughout Jerusalem

Jerusalem District Police Commander tours city, oversees operational deployment of Border Police officers and reinforcements.

Arutz Sheva North America Staff ,

Police officers in Jerusalem
Police officers in Jerusalem
Israel Police

Jerusalem District Police Commander Doron Yedid on Friday toured the city of Jerusalem and oversaw the operational deployment of the policemen, Border Police officers and reinforcements.

The Israel Police say that in the framework of the increased operational readiness of the Israel Police in Jerusalem these days, during the Passover and Easter holidays, the Israel Police allows religious ceremonies for all religions to be held in full.

"These days, members of the Christian community held their holiday processions, the Muslims held their Friday prayers, and the Jews held their pre-Passover customs."

During the day on Friday, ten suspects who were involved in attempts to disrupt public order were arrested in the area of the Old City. One of them even impeded a policeman who was carrying out his duties. Four young goats were caught in the possession of the suspects, who were suspected of being on their way to carrying out a Passover sacrifice. The goats were transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture.

At the end of their interrogation, some of the suspects were brought before the court, which released them under certain conditions.

As part of the preparations for the Passover holiday, the Israel Police, including Border Police officers and volunteers, are deployed throughout the city, in crowded places, shopping centers and markets, around the Old City and its alleys and in the area of ​​synagogues to maintain order and security, secure the worshipers and direct traffic.

"The Israel Police is making great efforts to enable all worshipers of all faiths to exercise their freedom of religion and worship, in addition to protecting their safety and personal safety."

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