Former President of Peru kills himself

Former Peruvian President Alan Garcia shoots himself to death amid investigation into international bribery scandal.

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Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia

Former Peruvian President Alan Garcia has died after shooting himself in the neck, state news agency Andina reported

Garcia was evacuated to Casimiro Ulloa hospital in the capital of Lima in critical condition, where he died.

His lawyer, Erasmo Reyna, said that "the former president made the decision to shoot himself."

Health minister Zulema Tomas told reporters that Garcia is still in "very critical" condition and that he has "very serious" injuries.

Tomas further stated that Garcia had had to be revived three times.

Garcia, 69, served two terms as President of Peru from 1985-1990 and from 2006-2011. He has been under investigation for bribery in a massive corruption scandal involving many former leaders in Latin America. He was accused of taking kickbacks from Odebrecht, one of the largest firms in South America, during his second term as president.

Peruvian authorities had issued an order for Garcia's "immediate arrest," CNN reported.

Garcia had denied any wrongdoing and claimed that there was "not one shred of evidence" against him on Tuesday.