Drowned child's organs to be donated

Parents of 6-year-old who drowned in Nahariya say their son will live on by saving the lives of other children.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Liad Harosh
Liad Harosh
picture used with permission of family

Ariel Harosh, the father of six-year-old Liad, who drowned yesterday in Nahariya, explained his decision to donate his son's organs.

"Liad was the first child out of three, a happy child. He loved music, he liked to dance. He will live on in other children. I do not know if it comforts us, but this amazing child will live on in other children."

Liad was pronounced dead at the hospital of Nahariya this morning after drowning at the Ein Sara promenade in the city.

His parents announced that they would donate his organs for transplantation to other children. "My wife and I have a donor's card," his father Ariel said, "and saving lives is the most important thing in our eyes, so we asked to contribute what we can to save lives."

According to the hospital's announcement, Liad's organs will be transplanted to other children who are waiting for donations for life-saving procedures.