Feiglin to Religious Zionist rabbis: You abandoned Jerusalem

Feiglin says he had planned to insist on both preserving Jerusalem and legalizing cannabis in coalition negotiations.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Moshe Feiglin at primaries polling
Moshe Feiglin at primaries polling
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Moshe Feiglin, whose Zehut party failed to pass the threshold for the 21st Knesset, criticized Religious Zionist rabbis for calling on their students to refrain from voting for a party that seeks to separate Judaism from the state of Israel.

"The Religious Zionist rabbis were among the powerful institutions who united against freedom. I know them - they never bothered to self-reflect about the destruction of communities that became legitimized through them and never will. No rabbi bothered to talk to me before issuing hate letters against me," Feiglin claimed.

"I kept quiet but now I'll tell you a secret," Feiglin wrote to Religous Zionist rabbis on his Facebook page. "When you pushed Zehut voters to identify with the Gush, you not only managed to perpetuate the high cost of living, you not only managed to raise housing prices, and you not only managed to continue the miserable education of Israel's children but you also divided Jerusalem and abandoned Israel to destruction."

"Because as I promised throughout the campaign, I had no intention of dividing Jerusalem in exchange for legalization. And now Trump says, 'Israel's election results bring peace closer,' and we all know exactly what he means."

Feiglin said he had planned to insist on both preserving Jerusalem and legalizing cannabis in coalition negotiations. "My campaign revolved around economics and social issues. I didn't want to move the focus to the political arena because I knew that Jerusalem doesn't have a father today - certainly not you. If we succeeded in gaining enough seats as the polls predicted, then Zehut would have had additional threshold conditions for entering the coalition - any coalition: the Litzman Jerusalem Law."

"Yes, yes, the same law that the haredim brought when they were in the opposition which required 80 signatures of Knesset members before they would begin negotiations on Jerusalem. The same law regarding which all the 'trustees' who you recommended fled from the plenum so as not to support it and I was left alone. I wouldn't have cared if Netanyahu was the one who approved it or Gantz - because this law would have saved Jerusalem and the whole country."